Pool or Hot Tub/Spa Options


Chlorine has been used for many years due to lack of options.  Other chemicals are also needed for a chlorine pool increasing the required maintenance.  For instance:  a shock, all-purpose algicide, balancing products for pH or alkalinity.  Chlorine pools are high maintenance The smell and irritation caused by chlorine are big disadvantages.  The per season cost of the needed chemicals is between $200 and $300. 


Salt Water Systems

A Salt Water pool is actually a Chlorine pool but without the typical odor and irritation.  They are low maintenance but require weekly water chemistry monitoring.  The salt water chlorinator is normally between $1600 and $2000 and every 4-6 years the salt cell must be replaced at a cost of about $800.  The per season cost of salt runs between $50 and $100. 



Bromine, which is normally used in hot tubs/spas, is more effective than chlorine; It is also more complicated to use and costly.  Other chemicals are needed just like with chlorine (i.e., a shock, all-purpose algicide, balancing products for pH or alkalinity) and a special biguanide compatible shock and clarifier is needed.  



CuH2o uses the newest tech with natural vitamin grade minerals that are specially formulated to keep your pool algae/bacteria free with minimal maintenance at an acceptable cost.