Agriculture Testimonials

My medical crop was saved by CuH2o when it was threatened by powdery mildew second to last week before harvest.  Believe me, I was skeptical of spraying anything on it but through testing no trace of chemicals or powdery mildew.  it cleared it up in almost 24 hours.  Thanks CuH2o

B Jenkins  - Grand Rapids MI

I used CuH2o on my tomatoes and oranges because of late blight and citrus canker.  It not only cleared it up, but it didn't show any sign of damage on the produce.  I was glad it was a natural product and not harsh chemicals.  Thanks CuH2o

Jonnie Romm - Winter Park FL



Pool Testimonials 

I was going to give up on my hot tub because of that harsh chlorine burn and smell.  Now with CuH2o, I don't have any smell or harsh burning feeling and my hot tub stays algae and bacteria free.  Thanks CuH2o for making my hot tub enjoyable again!

Jack Towner - Newaygo MI

We came across CuH2o and it's been wonderful.  Now our eyes don't burn and our skin doesn't feel itchy.  We feel good - air smells fresh.  Thanks CuH2o

Bill G - Westlake TX